We engage corporates, organisations and scientists in collaborative action to preserve our heritage and conservation of wildlife and biodiversity through education, training and resource mobilisation . The idea is to engage a society which seeks to balance the ecological footprint and acts in a socially responsible manner.



We aim to implement and deliver lasting solutions for climate, nature in such a way so as to get sustainable economic benefit for the community by generating additional income from alternate livelihood activities towards sustainable living . The focus is on rural  income generation activities and poverty mitigation.



We address the needs of healthcare in poor and marginalised communities. It is rightfully said that a healthy body houses healthy thoughts and subsequently results in a healthy nation . As well as work on improving the education of school going children which will help them become the change makers of the future to build a better society.

Drawing Competition for school children at Zand Hanuman


The Foundation’s vision is driven by the ideology of ‘Care, Serve and Cure’ and for this endeavor, it associates with the like-minded individuals , organizations which work on the ground level to implement a difference. Our actions and initiatives are in the areas of Education, Health and Sustainability with the belief that an educated mind, healthy body and sustainable living will bring on impactful change in the society and contribute towards nation building.

We work for providing education / vocational training facilities, working on sustainability for wildlife & ecology, preservation of heritage & culture, providing healthcare facilities to economically weaker community , skilling and employment. This transformational process is carried through the collaborative efforts of the local volunteers, government and municipal bodies along with academia in the districts of Gujarat.

Snehal Patel

Snehal Patel

MD & CEO – SPC LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd.

“Let's contribute to building a successful and happy community.”

Mr. Snehal Patel is Managing Director and CEO at SPC Lifesciences Pvt., Ltd., a Chemistry & Lifesciences company.

Snehal Patel Foundation ( SPF )  was incorporated to bring all the valued ideas under one umbrella where a progressive methodology to improve the conservation, restoration, and preservation of our rich natural resources along with upliftment of the people who are underprivileged in society and to the benefit of social workers who have great ideas to make a meaningful impact on society but may not have the necessary resources to make it happen. With a firm belief that together we can build the India of our dreams, we would like to make a big impact to improve the quality of life through a collaborative approach by engaging individuals and organizations towards meaningful projects to drive forward our mission.

Mili Patel

Director - SPC Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

"We believe in Care, Serve, and Cure."

Ms. Mili Patel ,  Director at SPC Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., is creatively involved in all the projects and administration of SPF.  Passionate about travel, arts and design. She is a Co-Founder of Snehal Patel Foundation and is actively involved in project identification and its planning and implementation. She has traveled extensively and interacted with various social groups to understand the current issues facing the society and how to collectively address them for better outcomes. 

She is instrumental in developing synergies with youth channelizing their energy and fresh approach in various projects ensuring they are in line with the philosophy of SPF – ‘Care, Serve and Cure.

Mili Patel

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