Snehal Patel Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to collaborate for its mission to foster educated minds, healthy bodies and sustainable living. We offer a meaningful platform where like minded individuals and organisations can associate to contribute to build a better society and nation building.

While we make no tall claims of changing the society but we aim to improve the conditions one step at a time and add value to the efforts of people engaged in the social sector by providing them a platform to fast track their engagements and outcomes on our focus areas of education, healthcare and livelihood.

Our projects have touched many young children to continue their schooling, young unemployed youth to upskill and get employed , warmth and care for the needy elderly people and conservation of ecology and ecosystems.

Our country with such a big population has its own challenges and solutions and we are happy to be contributing in and around the state of Gujarat. At the same time we seek students and volunteers or simply any interested individuals who wishes to associate for any of our upcoming projects and can contribute with their knowledge, time and skills.

Focus Areas and Programmes


Medical Camps, Running Ambulances in Remote Areas, Improving Women and Child Health, Promoting mental health, treatments of Depression, Addiction and Alcoholism in Rural and Urban areas.

Education & Sports

Child education, Support to education infrastructure in colleges and remote areas, scholarships to deserving and needy, Research Projects.


Upskilling and training , promoting tourism related infrastructure and employment.

Ecology and Environment

Recycling and Upcycling projects, Climate change mitigation projects.

Forest and wildlife

Tree plantation , natural habitat conservation, water bodies, grasslands . Support to improve infrastructure for rescue and research activities.

Heritage Conservation

Adoption of heritage structures, conservation and restoration projects. Photography workshops and Revival of dying arts and crafts.

Project Coordinators

Aadi Patel

Parthiv Dave

Aakash Kasote




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